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Hello! I'm Yuliia, your partner in making your business thrive, your go-to professional coach

With a decade-long journey in IT, I've worn many hats, from operational roles to leadership positions, giving me a well-rounded perspective on the industry's unique challenges and opportunities.

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I'm an Agile and Organizational Coach, StartUp Consultant, Writer and Speaker

I've honed my skills in a range of environments, but I'm especially proud of my extensive experience scaling startups. One of my notable achievements includes leading a distributed development team from an initial group of five to a robust crew of 40 within two years, guiding the startup from Pre-Seed to Series B stages.

I know Yulia as top expert in the field of setting up company culture, agile culture, and scaling the teams (Yuri Kriachko, AI Entrepreneur)

As an Agile Transformation Specialist, I've worked with various frameworks, including SAFe, LeSS, Team Topologies, and custom methods, ensuring each organization's agility aligns perfectly with its needs and goals.

Over the past eight years, I've also developed expertise in designing and improving remote working environments. My focus extends to refining DevOps engineering workflows and Data team setups, enabling teams to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

She's the core & soul of the team. With her guidance and efforts, we managed to build up our cross-functional data & app teams and deliver our product from idea to market in 2 months. (Jeffrey Tsu, Group Product Manager)

As a Certified Organizational Coach, I've become a specialist at shaping company culture, preventing and moderating conflicts, and fostering an environment conducive to growth and innovation. I'm passionate about bringing the benefits of system-inspired agile leadership to businesses, offering tailored consulting and coaching services to meet their unique needs.

Yuliia possesses a relentless energy that propels her to confront challenging obstacles, whether it's shifting the long-standing status quo in a 1000+ person organisation, orchestrating and streamlining processes, or improving collaboration between globally distributed departments composed of hundreds of employees. (Dmytro Yarmak, Enterprise Organizational Coach)

In addition to my coaching and advisory roles, I'm also a startup co-founder, giving me an insider's perspective on the many facets of running and growing a business.

With my broad experience and commitment to agile and lean principles, I'm ready to help your organization achieve its fullest potential.

You will find yourself collaborating with someone who is extremely present, curious, giving, listening and creative. It was easy to create a working relationship with Yuliia, and I always left our sessions smarter, energized and smiling. (Marianne Garre Fink, Global Head of People Experience)

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