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I help organizations, teams and individuals go beyond buzzwords and become truly self-organized, resilient and effective.

Yulia Pieskova

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Hello! I'm Yuliia, your partner in making your business thrive, your go-to professional coach

I don't believe in a standard recipe for success. I'm here to guide you in creating your own distinct strategy, perfectly suited to your business context, and to enable your team to continuously refine it as circumstances evolve


What People say
about me

I've had the pleasure of working with Yuliia in both corporate and start-up settings. Yuliia possesses a relentless energy that propels her to confront challenging obstacles, whether it's shifting the long-standing status quo in a 1000+ person organisation, orchestrating and streamlining processes, or improving collaboration between globally distributed departments composed of hundreds of employees. Moreover, her support and encouragement in challenging times is invaluable.Yuliia demonstrates a keen understanding of the systemic changes required to enhance an organization's overall performance. Her determined spirit and commitment to improvement are truly remarkable and make her an exceptional team player and leader.

Dmytro Yarmak
Enterprise Organizational Coach @AgileDrive

I know Yulia as top expert in the field of setting up company culture, agile culture, and scaling the teams. She is capable of setting a positive, driving and performing environment that is transparent and focused on actually achieving the goals. This is backed up by a solid knowledge of multiple agile methodologies and experience of applying it in settings ranging from tiny startups to a global fintech corporation.

Yuri Kriachko
AI Entrepreneur

I had the luck to work with Yulia day to day on the most exciting data topics. She's the core & soul of the team. With her guidance and efforts, we managed to build up our cross-functional data & app teams and deliver our product from idea to market in 2 months. Reflecting on our journey together, I'd say we couldn't achieve it without her caring, passionate and organized goal-oriented spirit. She cannot be defined as a typical scrum master or agile coach, rather a strong self-starting leader with entrepreneurial mindset.

Jeffrey Tsu
Group Product Manager @Apollo

Yuliia played a fundamental role in the early days of scoutbee. She built processes from scratch in a young and fast-growing startup, which was not always easy - but with her very result-oriented attitude, she was successful in all her projects. Her communication skills were also remarkable in a multinational environment. This was very helpful for cross-departmental collaboration (mainly with Operations and Sales at the time), where she was able to bring together different viewpoints, perspectives and personalities to achieve the best possible outcome. Hire her - she is an added value for any company

Timo Appelman
IoT Project Engineer @Würth Industrie Service

Whenever I see Yuliia posting on LinkedIn about her work and new endeavors, I am reminded of my own experience of working on a project with Yuliia and I envy you if you get the opportunity to work with Yuliia.

You will find yourself collaborating with someone who is extremely present, curious, giving, listening and creative. It was easy to create a working relationship with Yuliia, and I always left our sessions smarter, energized and smiling.

I would welcome working with Yuliia again and I can see her adding value to any team not only through her knowledge and skills, but in the way she works and connects with other people.

Marianne Garre Fink
Global Head of People Experience @SimCorp

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